Should Genetic Engineering Be Controlled by Law?

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My topic: Should Genetic Engineering Be Controlled by Law?

Table of Contents

1. Abstract of this research paper.

2. What is genetic engineering?

3. What kinds of ethical problems are there?

4. Freedom of scholarship.

5. Innovative remedy for obstinate diseases.

6. Solutions for ethical problems.

7. Conclusion including my prospects.

8. References

Abstract of the research paper Takeshi Ishida

“Should genetic engineering be controlled by law?”

I chose this topic because I used to study medicine at my former

university. And I’m also thinking of studying biology at HPU, so I felt

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What is genetic engineering and what kind of technologies we have right


First, I will explain about the technology of genetic engineering.

Genetic engineering, recombinant DNA technology and genetic modification

are technical terms that describes manipulation of organism’s gene.
Genetic engineering are the cutting-edge techniques of molecular cloning

and transformation to change the gene’s structure and code. To modify

cells’ genes, we use some kinds of vector. They may be plasmids,

bacteriophages and other kind of viruses.

These technologies enabled us to create bacteria producing synthetic

human insulin, human organs like ears at the back of the mouse as a

regenerative medicine for people who lost ear structure, fluorescent mouse

which has luminous body and so on. The picture below is genetic engineered

fluorescent mouse.

(Sorry but I picked up the Japanese resource. The link is from Research

Institute for Microbial Diseases, Osaka University)
Genetic engineering is thought to enable us cure or at least stop

progress in gene or enzyme related diseases. Although it was only able to

be explained theoretically, some patients are really improving their

condition now in some kind of diseases. Let me give an example later on.

[Some patients who suffer Severe Combined Immunodeficiency(SCID)
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