Should Georgia Perimeter Merge with DeKalb Technical College?

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College can be define as an institution of higher learning, especially one providing a general or liberal arts education rather than technical or professional training. ( College today has vastly adapted to modern technology and modern society. Many colleges have been reconstructed for a targeted type of student. Universities are design for the student seeking to further their education within a scholarly environment. Two year colleges are design for the student seeking higher education with the options to seek vocational training or academic degree. And Technical colleges are design strictly vocational training for the career of their choice. Lately, there has been discussion to merge DeKalb Tech College and Georgia…show more content…
(Puyear) The future students who do not meet the qualifications of a four year college will be forced to complete a program at a Technical College to then seek further degree at a four year, which will ultimately be time consuming for a student. In conclusion, merging has been a serious topic of discuss for GPC. Though merging will be cost beneficial for the college, it will also lose focus on the many benefits student seek to attend GPC. Faculty will be forces in other positions maybe eliminating positions, or having some step down. Merging GPC is not valuable for both the students and faculty, GPC stands for hope for the many students that are in transition into the four year college. GPC also assist their targeted students to an academic degree within their field of choice and not just vocational training for a particular job. The TCSG and the USG both create colleges for every type of student, and while GPC is under the USG umbrella for academics it has attracted more degree seeking students to GPC because of the various options. And though college is not for everyone TCSG creates school to enhance training for a job field, which allow DeKalb Technical College attract the student who ready for an immediate career. . (Wikipedia) So, GPC offers too much for students to merge under the TCSG

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