Should Girls Ask Boys Out

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The argument whether girls should ask guys out emerged because of the advancement in the women society of the world in the 21st century. Those days are redeeming when it was a man’s job to court a lady and never the other way round. However, there are still territories where for many women it is a thrust to ask man out. This is happening either because of the tradition or perhaps just a bad case of nerves.

Interestingly there are parts of the world where every day is a Sadie Hawkins day. Sadie Hawkins day is a day where women got to ask men out on dates (Scroggins, 2012). According to Mills (2012), “The tradition in dating has been for the guy to take the risk and ask the girl out, while the girl would just sit back and give the guy
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Women are being empowered these days and there is no stopping for anyone to do anything which is legal. It is not illegal in the society to share one’s feelings to another. If a girl feels something a for a guy , there is not any obstacle socially to ask the guy out other than meaningless traditional boundaries.

Cullen, E & Payton, W (2010) said, “Feminists did not work hard for equal rights all those years ago only to have their efforts go unrealized by young women today.” Considering women equal to men they should be able to take first step in a constructing a relationship. Apart from the equal oppurtunities standpoint, girls should ask guys out to save themselves the stress of sitting around waiting for guys to make the first move. Reality is guys don’t always get intricacy. Instead of trying to act coy and witty, more girls should take the lunge and be blatant about their feelings. The worst case scenario would be the guy saying no and both of them moving on. Most likely the guy would be flattered by the girl’s honesty and be even more attracted to her.

Women are accepted to vote and work in the professional world beside men. They are not the as usual homemakers anymore. Women have been given power where power is due. However there is a clear border between political equality among genders and gender equality in personal and social situations and the line gets crossed when girls ask
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