Should Girls Be Able To Play Sports As Boys Essay

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Should Girls be able to Play on the Same Sports Teams as Boys?
Girls should be able to play sports on boys teams right? Many argue that Females are not built to play sports, let alone on a team with males. Those on the pro side of this argument argue that both genders may have their share of physical differences and sure it may be “scientifically proven” that girls have a smaller frame and tend to be not as strong, but do not underestimate the mental strength of us females. Every girl should have the right to play on whatever team she chooses to play on, not what team those opposing her gender chose for her because every girl is strong enough to make her own decisions. Females, grow up facing challenges thinking that the way they look, the shape of their bodies, and how well they play sports is not good enough. By limiting where they are allowed to play sports it is a proven fact that most
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If a girl is denied a right to play on a sports team, or any team in a school setting that would be an act of crime and it is punishable by law. It would be against the law to discriminate the girls from a team. An anonymous writer from wrote, “ In most cases, girls simply won't be able to hang with the boys, boys are stronger and tougher generally speaking. However, every now and then a girl does possess the right blend of drive and physical build to be able to compete with them, in that case, why tell her no? And if you do tell her no there would be Title 9 violations if you decide to discriminate females and in can get serious in terms of the law.” Yes, it is a proven fact that boys have an easier time building muscle mass but it is not because boys work harder it is because they have a chemical in their bodies that helps burn fat and build muscle at an increased rate. This argument is correct because the United States law states girls can play on whichever team they
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