Should Gmo Products Be Labeled?

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There is a growing controversy in regard to genetically modified food. Should GMO products be labeled, and should there be more research into possible problems related to genetically modifying our food? While there are many benefits to farmers and consumers, there is very little negative evidence to show that GMOs are dangerous. Therefore, with this lack of evidence against the harmfulness of genetically modifying food, buying and consuming altered foods should not be a problem. “Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) is any organism whose genetic material has been altered using genetic engineering techniques. This can be referred to as “modern biotechnology” (Genetically Modified Organisms Production, Regulation, and Marketing 66). It allows scientists to take specific genes from one organism, and place them into another organism. For example, scientists could take a gene from a plant that is more drought resistant, and place it into another plant that is more susceptible to droughts. This method is used to make GM foods or genetically modified foods. There are numerous benefits to genetically modified foods. The benefits to the farmer concern the increase in the amount of crop that makes it to market. Genetically modified crops are more resistant to plant diseases and fungus which cause billions of dollars in crop loss annually. According to the research done by David Rotman, an example of such a disease is the Late Blight fungus that affects potato crops. This disease
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