Should Gmo's Be Labeled In Our Grocery Stores?

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Off and on over the years, I have heard about GMO’s from time to time. GMO’s are genetically modified Organisms. Which basically means that they have been changed by means of science to be resistant to bugs or other issues that crops face. In the American food supply GMO’s are quite common, we don’t even know if we are eating them. As of right now “70 to 80 percent of processed food that Americans consume contain plants that have been genetically engineered” (source 2). This being the case there are a number of ethical concerns raised by this. A couple examples are whether or not they will cause disease or allergies in humans through ingestion or by other means, whether or not they are environmentally safe, and if they should be labeled so that we know that we are eating them. I myself have no issue with GMO’s one way or the other, though I can understand people’s…show more content…
A portion of our population, of which I am apart of, do not really read the labels on food we purchase on a daily basis. Then there are those that religiously read labels and want to know exactly what they are eating. There are two sides on this issue like all others. First the negative implications of labeling GMO’s. The AAAS argue that labeling GMO’s could “mislead and falsely alarm consumers” (source 2). I can see this side of it basically making a mountain out of a mole hill. Then again we do have a basic human right to know exactly what we are eating and where/how it was grown for our consumption. Another negative for labeling GMO’s is that it would “impose a cost on all consumers- including those not desiring such information” (source 2). Being that this would require separate facilities for the GMO products I can see how the cost would filter down to the consumer eventually. Do we really want to pay the price just so we can know this information? Some would say yes I myself would say no, but I can understand the other side of this
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