Should Government Attempt to Control Human Population Growth?

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Should Government Attempt to Control Human Population Growth? Human population grows, and it has been calculated that by the year 2050 there will be over 9 billion people in the world. As a result of that the amount of land per person will have dropped to less than one square inch. It is clear that population growth must stop in some close future due to various factors (Issitt, 1). Shortage in food and water, limited energy, pollution, death of plants and animals, and many more other shortages can be count as those factors. Controlling population growth is essential for each person in the world as it might cause many dangerous situations. Each person has to know how exactly dangerous is overpopulation. Government has to stop this …show more content…
If the government invests in women, give them opportunity to expand financially, educationally and socially, women will take an advantage of this. It will give ladies opportunity to control their life, they will be able to make the decision when to have kids, or even have them at all. When women see that opportunity given by government help them get out of poverty, they will work harder to save more money. If they see that those savings works, they will want to save even more. Those savings comes from their thinking that it will give better future for their kids. However, in China not everywhere One Child Policy works. There are some “regions [where] rural peoples who needed more hands to work the land were allowed to have more than one child without penalty. In sparsely populated rural areas the policy was two-child policy, even a three-child policy, if a family could show sufficient economic need for another child, or if the area wasn’t closely monitored” (Evans 104). That means if any regions in China need more hands to work, government allowed parents to have more children. Anyhow, there was also kind of law, that parents should have a boy, because it will take care of his parents when they will be old. In addition, girls were not allowed to get a life. In that time, a lot of girls were killed, not only after they were born, but also in some point of their mother pregnancy. Government must be aware of that it cannot take over people’s lives, tell them how
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