Should Gum Be Allowed At School?

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Should Gum be Allowed at School? You either love or hate the idea of chewing gum at school but have you thought of all of the evidence supporting it? Many different studies show the effects of gum on students, but each show a different result, leaving people’s opinions diverse. Some studies show that chewing gum helps test scores increase while teachers and students say it can be distracting and messy. Some students stick their gum under their tables or desks instead of taking the chance of getting caught while throwing it away. Personally I think that gum should be allowed during testing and other concentration based work. One reason why I believe gum should be allowed at school is because studies have proven that it increases grade point average. Baylor College of Medicine studied 108 eighth graders for 14 straight weeks. Half of them chewed gum during school work and homework while the other half didn’t. They noticed a three percent raise in the grades of those who chewed gum. If we were allowed to chew gum during school work and tests but then had to spit it out at the door when class was over, our grades would also have the chance to increase. For this reason I believe that chewing gum would be beneficial to students with memory problems that need a little extra boost to help them reach their full potential. This way teachers and students would both benefit for this new rule. In addition to the increase in students’ grades it has also been shown to relieve stress.
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