Should Gun Laws Be Outlawed?

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If guns are outlawed would people be protected? What would happen to the people who need to hunt to acquire food to live? Would outlawing guns really help people or would it just cause more defenseless people? Do that many people even have guns anyway? Have any laws been passed before and have they worked? Having much stricter gun laws or completely banning guns would help America more than it would hurt it. While laws for guns have been developed ever since the early 12th century, many would not fit the needs and development of the human race now. “One of the first documents to link the bearing of arms with a militia (an army composed of citizens called to action in time of emergency) was the English Assize of Arms of 1181, which directed…show more content…
Only the rich and nobility where allowed to. (Alters, “The History”). Laws only affecting a certain group while helping other groups have been allowed for a long period of our history. It wasn’t until the late 1900’s that actual change was done. “The Brady law imposed a five-day waiting period on handgun purchases and a background check on buyers to determine whether they were illegal aliens or had a history of criminal behavior, mental illness, or drug use.” (Alters, ”The History”). This law had a great impact on the purchasing of firearms, but still has many flaws to this date. While most people blame gun users for the issues of shootings and deaths, many Americans tend to blame the companies and manufacturers of these weapons. Those people will try to sue these companies if a loved one gets injured, or dies. “George W. Bush (1946–) signed the bill into law in October 2005. This act prohibits liability actions (charging legal responsibility) against firearms and ammunition manufacturers and sellers for unlawful misuse of their products.” “The court did not believe the marketing of a handgun was in and of itself dangerous; rather, the danger resulted from the action of a third…show more content…
Bush enacted a law stating that people could not blame gun companies for the individuals actions. 8,454 of the murders involved firearms (Evans). Murders such as those, people would like to blame on these gun companies, but now can not due to the law Bush enacted. About 297,608 robberies were reported by 14,540 law enforcement agencies in 2013. (171,267, or 57.5%) involved a weapon, such as firearm (122,266).(Evans). While many laws weren’t enacted to the guns themselves, many gun companies made improvements to their guns. “Under the agreement, Smith & Wesson agreed to place tamper-proof serial numbers on handguns to prevent criminals from scratching them off. It also promised to manufacture its handguns with trigger locks to prevent them from being fired by unauthorized users.” (Gun Control). While there aren’t many things done by gun companies to make guns safer, tamper-proof serial numbers really do help. While there have been multiple gun laws that have been passed throughout the history of America, nothing has drastically changed Gun violence, this is why America needs to outlaw
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