Should Gun Laws Be Stricter Gun Control?

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Rights for Guns

We have all been through that pain of losing a love one either it was to an incurable disease, old age, and car accident or during time of war. Nevertheless, we have lost more love ones through gun violence. People have own guns since the time guns were invented, but “Are guns for everyone?” We have heard of gun laws throughout the whole United States of America some enforce those laws and other do not. The government enforce stricter gun control laws so the public can be safe, to stop gun violence, and to avoid incidents that can lead to the tragedy in the nation.
Nevertheless, we all have said no that’s not going to happen to me I’m always careful, but what if it did happen? Where would the public stand towards stricter gun laws. Safety we all worry for each other’s safety even if it’s going to the groceries or just being at home. Guns should have stricter gun laws towards them for the public safety so the public won’t have that question in the back of their mind “What if it happen to me?” Gun retailers should document all information of the gun he/she has in their hands and report it to the higher authorities like the FBI. So when any of the gun retailer guns are used at any crime law enforcements will have all the information on who the retailer sold it to making it easier to solve the crime. The policy shouldn’t let gun shows or gun auction not to do this following proper paper work (Mantel 249). Once buying a gun it shouldn’t be easy getting one or
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