Should Guns All Together?

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America was built by men who did not follow laws of the colonial time period they would store guns in a shed and if the red coats (British soldiers) started to cause any trouble, these men would be ready to arm themselves at a moment’s notice. Hence the name minute men. And since that is how the states won the war against England it would make since that it would be one of the first rights that we have as American. But now a days people are abusing the right to bare arms, especially during the past few decades. With massive shootings from almost every place that you would think is safe. From elementary schools to clinics. People even question whether those who are supposed to keep us from harm are even safe. So should we ban guns all together? No, that would cause more harm than good but what we could do is make it harder for people to get guns. At this moment I could go down to a store like Walmart, fill out a couple pieces of paper, cough up forty dollars and in two weeks, may be less, own my very own pistil. That is too easy, what should be done before I’m even allowed to buy gun, is some sort of mental health screening. Something that is going to say “Yes, mentally she is in no danger to herself or to anyone else.” A mental evaluation will lessen the number of people able to gain a gun, keep a gun and help the final verdict of a case. Having a law that requires a mental evaluation will make less people able to buy a gun for three reasons. The first and probably the
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