Should Guns Be Guns On College Campuses?

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8 years ago news of a horrific massacre spread across the nation. At Virginia Tech one student took the lives of 32 students including himself. Since then gun laws have drastically been changed because of what happened on that fateful day. As of today guns are banned on most college campuses. Though in the near future this could easily be overturned. Though could having guns on college campuses pose a greater threat than to protect its students and faculty? College campuses are reportedly much safer and report much less crimes than cities or towns. Though according to the US Department of Education “From 2005 to 2007, more than 100 murders, 16,000 assaults and 10,000 forcible sexual assaults were reported on college campuses.” If guns were allowed on campuses nationwide could these statistics increase, no one knows for sure. There are many statistics that prove implementing guns on to a college campus could be dangerous, but there are many real life situations that prove that having a gun saved many lives. Knowing that someone sitting next to you on campus may have a gun is a terrifying thought for many people. Not only would they feel uncomfortable but they may not be able to study or do homework. “Allowing guns on campus would inject deadly weapons into an atmosphere already swirling with academic pressure, romantic rivalries, youthful impetuousness, alcohol and drugs” one of the reasons why having a gun on campus may be terrifying is because all of the pressure, us
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