Should Guns Be Illegal

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A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed. This is the second amendment stating that anyone one is allowed to get a gun license unless proven dangerous. The very fair rules, average deaths by guns each year, death by suicide, being able to carry anywhere, and the latest gun laws in Iowa will be in this essay. Even if you are not legally allowed to have a gun you can still get one illegally. To start off if you have ever been to jail for beating up someone or other serious crimes you can not get a gun license.Which could mean that if someone was dangerous or maybe a murderer they can not legally get a gun. Also, if you are mentally unstable…show more content…
Not all deaths by guns are caused by other people. According to nearly 62 percent of deaths by guns are caused by suicide. Most of these deaths are caused by kids who can not even legally own a gun. The gun that they use is their parents and they just happen to find a gun or code to the safe. Next, people being able to carry weapons everywhere can be dangerous to others. If you have a Conceal Carry License you should be able to carry anywhere. If you were going out of town to Minnesota or maybe Utah you can not carry a gun unless you are a resident of that state. If you live in Iowa and you went to Minnesota and saw a mass shooting going on you would not be able to defend yourself and others. That is why you should be able to carry anywhere.
Now you can shoot someone if you do not like them and they are in your house. According to less than one month ago Governor Terry Branstad passed the stand your ground law.(house law 517) This law is a law that allows you to kill or harm someone that has broken into your property and is trying to harm you or others. This law also means that if you were walking down the road and someone tried to kidnap you, harm you, are even kill you-you have the right to defend yourself and you will not get into any trouble with the law. You should be able to carry in a government facility, not including a school. Gun-Free
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