Should Guns Be Outlawed?

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Should Guns be Outlawed in America? While there are a multitude of reasons that all guns should be banned, even implementing more strict laws restraining these weapons would save numerous lives. Although guns were traditionally intended for protection, they are commonly utilized for more insidious activities such as school shootings, armed robberies and armed break-ins. In some states, there are stricter gun laws and studies have shown that because of these tighter restrictions there are, on average, less gun-related deaths. The general populace may believe the daily use and regular concealment of guns is primarily positive, but they fail to take into consideration the negative aftermath that inevitably ensues where ever guns are not outlawed. People have always looked for a way to protect themselves whether it be with bats, alarm systems, or neighborhood watch. When you give guns to people who have a sense of entitlement (hence people using the second amendment loosely to bend to their will) the reaction you get is mass shootings, massacres, and increasing death rates, not to mention domestic terrorism. While there are pro-gun advocates who hate the idea of guns being banned, the people who have the real power is congress. The main reason we have yet to ban guns is because of congress, when it came to voting for a background check law (a bill they wanted to pass after the Sandy Hook massacre) the end result was 54-46 [needing 60 in favor to advance] making it

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