Should Guns Be Permitted On College Campuses?

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Should guns be permitted on College Campuses? Across the country, there has been so much concern for the safety of college students and their well being that the use and carrying of guns has been brought into case with the introduction of bills. Allowing guns on college campuses would potentially be dangerous for everyone, including students and faculty members. A lot of damage and harm could occur. While some students might use them for protection, legalizing them would also increase the chances of gun violence and not preventing it. Concealed handguns would distract students from a learning environment. In order for students to actually learn and be able to focus in class, they need to feel safe. Permitting guns on campus may make students uncomfortable not knowing who in class may be carrying the concealed weapon. In college, there are times when discussion leads to debate and the debates lead to intensity. There are times when student-teacher conversations occur about a grade, etc. There are times when students have formal conversations out of classrooms between each other that attain opposing sides. Students and teachers would not be able to express themselves freely knowing that they can be at retaliation or gunpoint for something they say or feel that others don’t agree with. People would be a lot more careful with their dialogue of speaking and not be themselves, which is very unfair and critical to go along with considering people may fear to use their first
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