Should Guns Control Gun Control

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Guns are used all over the world and are controlled in some countries, but in other countries people are allowed to own any type of gun ranging from automatic assault rifles to big rocket launches. Should it also be controlled in our country the United States of America? Many say yes and many others say NO! In my opinion, it should be controlled. First off, when a person in America wants to purchase a firearm legally they have to pass a background check. If that person passes the background check then the person is allowed to buy the gun. If the FBI is the one who is conducting this test, then it is sure to be accurate so that means the person is most likely not going to use the gun to hurt a human being with it. If the person fails the background check then obviously he/she will not be able to take the gun . If a person tries to shoot someone there are always the men in blue who are here to keep us safe. Guns in general are moderated to the people here in the U.S. A normal citizen who has no gun experience whatsoever can’t just go and buy a fully automatic weapon and shoot it. If a person wants to buy a gun of that sort he/she has to take special classes in order to receive a special license in order to be able to buy a weapon of that sort. That also goes for a person who wants to carry a pistol anywhere they go, they have to get a CHL(concealed handgun license) in order for them to be able to carry that handgun legally. On the other hand, there is always a way of getting

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