Should High School Students Have School Hours Essay

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Should High School Students Have School Four Days a Week? The bell rings, and you start walking to the locker, but you remember that it's Wednesday and you don't need any learning materials, notebooks, or a laptop. You proceed to walk into your first-hour class, but then you realize again that it's Wednesday and the hours don't exist, blocks have taken their place as time periods. The class begins and everyone is looking bored, class begins and you realize that you will be stuck in this same room for 4 hours today. The purpose of this little story is to show a microscopic glimpse of what goes on at a flex day class, where the students become bored over the four-hour class. This is a problem for high school students who attend schools who operate with this program, however, it's continued to operate in schools all around. School all around, however, can change their school weeks to produce a more productive day for its students and teachers. This is a typical flex Wednesday class here at Northeast Range High School, where the high schoolers picked their classes, of either gym, forestry, physics, and shop where the day ends an hour earlier. Northeast range adopted this schedule in 2011 when the school system switched over from JFK to Northeast Range, at the same time they reduce the class hours from seven, fifty-minute…show more content…
With extracurricular activities, students can be busy every night of their schooling if they choose, and with another day off students can sit back and enjoy high school more. Students can also start on scholarships, in the article Scholarships & Grants for College Students written by Cecilia Barr,“Each year, an estimated $46 billion in grants and scholarship money is awarded by the U.S. Department of Education and the nation’s colleges and universities”
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