Should High School Students Work During the School Year?

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Should High School Students Work During the School Year?

There’s a time in life when teens want to get a head jump into their adulthood. To show that they’re maturing, some teenagers start smoking, while others start dating to show their responsibility and commitments towards relationships, but most of them start working part- time in order to have money to do the things they wish to do. In fact, I got my first job at the age of 15 when I was a freshman in high school. The reason why I chose to work was because I wanted to save some money for college. Although I work to save money for school, many of my friends work to save money for new-fashioned clothing and shoes. As a result of working, my GPA dropped from a 3.83 to 3.55
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Many people I know get into bad, or shall I say, criminal behavior when they “hook their friends up” or give away goods. Some would just steal goods and others would steal money from work. For example, I have friends who used to work at Office Depot. I remembered seeing them at school, selling very expensive pens such as the brand Waterman, those that cost $50-$80 each. They told me that they stole them from work. I also discovered that my former co-worker got fired for stealing money out of the cash register. According to national research data and the study of 500 students at four Orange County high schools, “about 30 % of the youngsters in their 1st time job have given away goods or services; 18% have taken things other than money form work; 5 ½ % have taken money from work; and 17 % have worked under the influence of drugs or alcohol.” This clearly shows that working teens don’t develop responsibility and character, but instead, they develop criminal tendencies. Although some kids work to support themselves or to save money for educational purposes, the majority of teens who work use their paychecks for shopping. Businesses such as Gap, Macy’s, and Foot Locker look forward to the 1st and 15th of each month because those are the days when working teens get paid. Teenagers play a huge role in consumerism because many of them spend money on new-fashioned clothing. Some people even spend their
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