Should Hollywood Celebrities Have On Society?

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The recent 2016 Presidential elections were, without a doubt, one of the most historical and popular choice of topic and debate in America. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton’s campaign approaches had everyone decisively engaged in political debates on social media, television, talk shows, and local news. While people who took an active part in these debates had knowledge of the subject that they were speaking of, it would be safe to presume that society retrieved most of what they assumed to be factual information through social media or news outlets rather than through actual research. Celebrities, more so than before have been using these outlets to express their political views as well, and with their enormous fan base, their opinion become the opinion of many others adore them. The question however, should Hollywood celebrities be so actively involved, knowing the devastating effect it could have on society?

2016 has been an interesting year for politics. The recent Presidential election has been a focal point of American lives, more so than any previous election held before. The use of social media sites like Twitter and Facebook have been one of the primary platforms for people to express their views, opinions, and difference of opinions. Celebrities as well have taken these social media outlets to express either their praise or disdain for the presidential candidates, and with their huge fan bases have been very influential when they make statements…
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