Should Home Schooling Be A Better Option For Students?

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Many people are questioning if home schooling is a better option for students than regular students who receive their education by a regular teacher with credentials. This issue has raised controversy throughout the United States for some time now, as more and more students are being home schooled, “increasing by seven percent yearly,” stated by Christopher J. Klicka in the internet article by (Klicka Homeschooled Students Excel in College). Students can a have a second choice of what kind of schooling they want; home-schooled students can have the opportunity to fulfill their passion and dreams without out the day-to-day schedule of traditional schooling. Is an A really equal to an A from teachers from public schools?
Many, Parents have an opinion of what’s taught in their child’s classroom. Some parents want total control over what their child is exposed to. According to Michael’s Haverluck CBN news article Socialization: Homeschooling vs. Schools, he states “Parents feel that they can provide a better education at home, religious reasons, there is a poor learning environment at home, family reasons, and they feel that their children will develop character and morality.” (Haverluck). Parents have the chance to teach their children the values that they want. Children have the opportunity to choose when and where they want to study. The child does not have to be limited to a specific time schedule like public schools being six hours a day. The child can make his/her own…
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