Should Homelessness Be Criminalized?

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Should Homelessness Be Criminalized One of the most discussed topics around the world is homelessness. Each and everyday more and more people become homeless. People around the world have tried numerous times to resolve this dilemma. This situation is growing and it 's starting to spiral out of control. One solution that 's getting popular the more we let this situation grow is that criminalizing the homeless is good. People cannot criminalize the homeless. Homeless people should not be criminalized because they have nowhere to go, they have it hard enough, and putting them in jail will solve nothing. The fact that there’s laws out there for being homeless is just pitiful and low. Every human has rights and just because he or she is homeless does not mean you can take away their rights. Homeless people should not be criminalized because they have nowhere to go. Yes there are homeless shelters but not all homeless shelters are open for them to stay in. Read into things about homeless shelters and go there. There not as amazing as there cut out to be. Some homeless people say they would rather go back to the streets than to stay at homeless shelters. If one were to look in some of these homeless shelters today they would think the same. Some of them are just disgusting and downright horrible. Why do people expect someone to actually sleep in a place where it is not sanitary. 8325771 2 If one were too look into it some homeless shelters do not let people spend the

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