Should Homosexuals Be A Biological Trait?

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The gay mind has been a rubrics cube for many scientists for the past years. The mystery that lies behind the minds of those who like the same sex is one of the most intricate debates. The big question that is yet to be answered is if homosexuals are made or born naturally. While many believe that being a homosexual is not a biological trait, others believe that being gay is a physiological defect. Even though there are many great ideas of why people think that being gay is a choice, many people like myself, take a stand and insist that being gay is biological. Many studies of the brains indicate how the brains of straight men and women are different from those of gay men and women. Studies have also shown how testosterone lacks in the brains of gay men and how there is an overload of it in gay women. Finally, studies have shown that the influences on the social lives of homosexuals don’t have much of an impact of someone’s sexual orientation. Homosexuals have been looked down upon since the 1800s and even further back. In the book, What’s Wrong with Homosexuality? John Corvino, novelist, inscribes “[T]here were gays in ancient Greece, for example, even though the Greeks would not have thought of themselves in quite those terms. Constructionists, by contrast, hold that sexual orientation is cultural and historical: Prior to the late 19th century, when the term ‘homosexuals’ was coined, there were no such thing as a gay person in the usual sense. Of course, the
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