Should Horses Have A Rare Connection With People?

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Horses have been a major part of my life since the moment I could walk. I have shown horses for fifteen years and could not imagine my life without my horses. I have known many people who have said horses have changed their life for the better and has saved them. Horses have been there for people when people are not there for others. Horses have a rare connection with people and can help heal those hurting in ways people cannot. I believe this project is important to help children who do not have a chance to participate in extracurricular activities due to cost, these children deserve the opportunity to take part in something fun but allow the parents not to worry about cost and financial standpoints. It is important for every child growing up to have the opportunity to participate in an activity that allows them to make new friends and to feel special.
The problem I am trying to fix is a lack of opportunities for children in low income households to participate in. Children who live in low income households rarely ever get the chance to participate in an activity that costs money. Those children are shuffled to and from school and have no time in between to make new friends or exercise. According to Talk Poverty, 15.2% of Indiana’s population live below the poverty level (Indiana 2015 Report). With the poverty level being this high, many families cannot afford the basic needs for their children, let alone any wants (Indiana 2015 Report). That percentage of people who live
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