Should Human Organs for Sale?

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HUMAN ORGANS FOR SALE Should the sales of human organs be legally or not, it is quite difficult to find a satisfied answer to this controversial question at the moment. Although a large number of articles were written, numerous speeches were made, countless meetings were hold to discuss about this matter but until now it is still a big controversy issue all over the world. Thanks to the steadily development of scientist, technology and medicine treatment, nowadays human organ can be transplanted from one to another. As the consequence some people think that selling organs should be legalized but others claim that it must not be done because the crime rate will rise and only the rich benefit from it. However, I believe that selling human…show more content…
Let image and put your self in a situation that you have a serious disease and your life depends on getting an organ such as kidney or liver, I ensure that you are willing to pay for one if you afford to do it. According to David Holcberg, “and if you could find a willing seller, should not you have the right to buy it from him or her”. In some extend, it is similar to a business or a contract, a person offer to buy something and someone can accept it, certainly both side have intention to do it. Everybody has the right to live and if they are not allowed to buy cure for their sickness, their right is forbidden, isn’t it? Desires to live is the nature of human being, in any circumstances, they still try to live. However when they are waiting for an organ for a long time and this demand is not satisfied so their only hope now is buying from other person and it seems to be too ruthless to forbid them to have the right to make a “contract” to buy a kidney or liver. As the result, if the market for human organs is legalized countless people would be saved and many individuals could have a better life. However, many people argue that it should not be done due to some ethical and social matters. The first reason for this disagreement is legalizing selling human organs only benefits for people who have enough money to pay for the organ; in other words, for middle class and rich people. It is certainly true that the

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