Should Human Organs for Sale?

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HUMAN ORGANS FOR SALE Should the sales of human organs be legally or not, it is quite difficult to find a satisfied answer to this controversial question at the moment. Although a large number of articles were written, numerous speeches were made, countless meetings were hold to discuss about this matter but until now it is still a big controversy issue all over the world. Thanks to the steadily development of scientist, technology and medicine treatment, nowadays human organ can be transplanted from one to another. As the consequence some people think that selling organs should be legalized but others claim that it must not be done because the crime rate will rise and only the rich benefit from it. However, I believe that selling human…show more content…
In my opinion, the increase of crime rate or similar problems will happen for sure. Almost human never want to get hurt but they always want to be rich or have much money. Actually, the legalization of selling organs totally can not be done in the short term because most of people are aware of the huge attraction of money, a large number of people are willing to break the rule and do not care about the ethical matter. However, government can legalize the sale of human organs on the one hand and provide policy to prevent killing people for organs on the other. Each business relate to organs needs many rules and should be strict. A serious punishment will be applied with the murder and the legal may be applied in some region or countries. After a short time, it becomes success or valid then can be applied in other countries, too. In conclusion, although legalizing human organs will lead to some bad results, I still think that this policy should be applied. May be the rate of criminal or some negative matters relate to ethical will exist but plenty of patients will be saved. In many circumstances, the life of human should be priority and there always have the suitable ways to solve the disadvantages or cons of a problem. Government should consider carefully providing appropriate policy that can help people who are waiting for organs and can protect people partly from

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