Should I Eat For Lunch?

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When an ordinary person wakes up in the morning, they usually think,I wonder whats going to happen today? What should I eat for lunch, maybe I should take a walk, or relax at the beach. Normally it has something to do with their everyday life. Sadly, not for an innocent San Diego citizen who tragically got her life cut short by Jorene Ypano Nicolas, who decided texting in the car was more important than paying attention. Nicolas was driving down on Orange County San Diego freeway in Westminster when she slammed into the back of the victim 's car, killing her. Nicolas was charged and sentenced to 6 years in prison (Women Gets). Most people don’t think of texting as a big deal, but it is. There are nearly 1,600,000 car accident per year alone caused by texting while driving alone (National Safety Council). It’s sad to think that all of those accidents could have been prevented if people were not so obsessed with checking their phones. Eighty-four percent of residents say they can’t go a single day without checking their phone, 50% of Americans said that they sleep with their phones right next to them; a number of them includes more than 80% of 18-24 year olds, and 20% of those Americans check their phone every 10 minutes (Smartphone). Not only are these numbers high, but ridiculous. To think that so many people are so dependent on checking their phone that they can’t even see how it’s practically taking over their lives, it 's worse than nicotine. People need to limit their…

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