Should I My Personal Needs?

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Should I put my personal needs or wants over the needs of my children? What do I want my girls to remember about me? How do I become the best parent my children deserve? These are questions I have asked myself often. Being a good and nurturing mom is the most important thing to me. I learned at a very young age the importance of security and stability in a child’s life. Many experiences in my life have shaped me into the mom I am; however, one of the earliest memories I have from my childhood has struck a fear so great in me that I strive to always chose a better life for my girls over the selfish needs of myself. I will never be the reason my children feel alone or rejected.
I will never forget the day that the Department of Family and Children Services took us from our biological mom, Donna. It was November 14, 1991, the day after my fourth birthday. We went to see our Grandma, who always had something special for us. This day was extra special because I knew she 1would remember my birthday. My Grandma was the most beautiful lady in the entire world. She reminded me of what a child may picture Santa Claus’s wife to be. A little old lady who is a bit overweight, with curly snow-white hair and bright red lipstick to go with her pristine outfit. She was always delighted to see us and enjoyed spending time playing with us.
After spending some time with our grandparents, Grandma decided we could go to the store to get some candy. As you can imagine, we were brimming with…
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