Should I Write About Your Freshman Year Of High School?

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We have thousands of memories, with new ones being created every minute. As I tried to think of a memory to write about, my mind became as blank as an untouched sheet of paper. I spent a number of days reflecting on the past 15 years of my life, and I still failed to recall a single event worthy of writing down. After looking through various photo albums, I realized that over half of my life has yet be lived. Then a more somber thought crossed my mind, no one is guaranteed a tomorrow. Today could very well be my 99%. Instead of frightening myself with my own thoughts any longer, I asked for my mother’s opinion. She gave me a response that I hadn’t thought of. “Why don’t you write about your freshman year of high school?” At first I…show more content…
I will never understand why we were all so excited to become kindergartners all over again. I was shocked to find that, high school is nothing like the movies. Mean Girls and High School Musical had set my expectations way too high. The only difference I managed to find between middle school and high school was that the ceilings are a bit higher. Nevertheless, I had a pretty average eighth grade year. I made it through without any outstanding crises and I somehow managed to make good grades in the process. As the last days of school approached, I began to realize that I would probably never see some of my friends again. I’d forget about most of the people I had spent almost everyday of the past three years with. Growing up can definitely be bittersweet.
The following summer appeared to flash by. Honestly, I barely even remember anything about it. I do know that it consisted of the usual vacations, road trips, and the occasional, "What grade are you going to?" from relatives that you haven 't seen in over ten years. I would give the same answer every time, with a huge fake smile plastered on my face.
"I 'm going to the ninth grade."
"Wow! You 're getting so big!"
Was that supposed to be a compliment? I could never tell.
August came around the corner, and so did the dreaded "back-to-school" commercials. The advertisements where all the children were so happy to return to school,
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