Should Illegal Immigrants Be Allowed?

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Should Illegal Immigrants Be Able to Have Driver’s Licenses?

The national debate of whether or not illegal immigrants should be able to obtain driver 's licenses is not an easy issue to resolve. Two different sides have strong, valid points that adequately support their claims. So prior to making any rational decisions, both viewpoints should be closely observed. After a lot of research and deep thinking, I have decided that I am against the notion of illegal immigrants being granted the right of having a driver 's license. To be clear, I respect the illegal immigrants who work hard for a living in America, but I still do not agree with them driving illegally just because they feel entitled to having driver 's licenses.

Despite their intentions, what they are doing is currently wrong and it disrespects our country as a whole. Also I understand that America is arguably the greatest country in the world and it can take a long time for an immigrant to earn their citizenship, but in America if we want something, we cannot cheat the system to get it faster. For instance, we all want our bachelor 's degree at the very least, but we cannot skip our classes during our college years if we plan to earn it. We put the time and effort in because we know that it will all be worth it in the end. This should be the same for illegal immigrants.

We cannot choose where we are born, but we can choose to make the best out of every situation by working hard and hoping…
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