Should Illegal Immigrants Be Deported

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Should Illegal Immigrants Be Deported?

Philosophy 518
Dr. Davis
June 25, 2012

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It is important for businesses and professionals to be versed in ethical issues because it helps with decision-making when faced with different situations that create a moral dilemma. Business and professional ethics help to develop a certain moral standard and expectation in the business world. The ethics in which a business or a professional operates within benefits both the giver and receiver. Engaging in the exchange of goods, services and information requires some level of trust in order to maintain civility. The thought that a person or a business is doing things that are unethical
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Deportation will hurt a lot of businesses that rely on foreign labor for jobs that Americans won’t do.
Counterpoint: There are American citizens with minimal skills that earn less money and have fewer job opportunities because they have to compete with immigrants in the job market. Legal citizens are required by law to adhere to the labor and wage laws. Having illegal immigrants in the work force only adds to an already-existing surplus of low-skilled workers. Having these jobs filled at such a low rate drives down wages and work conditions.
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Point: Many illegal immigrants have kids who are U.S. citizens and deportation would tear these families apart. This would result in more single parent or no parent households. The psychological and financial hardship would force their U.S. citizen children into deportation with their family. These American children may have to start over in a country with an unfamiliar language, culture, and fewer resources.
Counterpoint: That’s unfortunate, but not the United States problem. The act of breaking the law is not a coincidence, but a conscience choice with built in risk. There is a process to gain legal citizenship in place to help properly integrate immigrants into this country. The kids that are US citizens of illegal immigrants are burdened by the enormous responsibilities on having to help their
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