Essay about Should Illegal Immigrants Be Granted Amnesty?

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According to CNN, 12 million illegal immigrants currently reside in the United States, which is approximately equivalent to the populations of Illinois, Pennsylvania, Ohio, or Michigan. Removing all 12 million illegal immigrants, then, would be like removing one of the above states, a pretty incredulous task. In practical terms, it is not possible to send that many immigrants back to their respective countries efficiently and economically. This raises the issue of what to do with the immigrants that are already here, and how to increase security to keep the number of illegal immigrants entering under control. It may be feasible to grant citizenship to those illegal immigrants that have been in the United States for some time, however; …show more content…
This is amnesty, and I oppose it… Amnesty would be unfair to those who were here lawfully, and it would invite further waves of illegal immigration…” Additionally, Robert Byrd (Senate) stated in his excerpts from his Address to the United States Senate, “To capriciously grant amnesty to three million immigrants who circumvented these processes, who have resided and worked in this country illegally, sends exactly the wrong message”. The wrong message being that amnesty only invites more illegal immigrants into the country without reprimanding the ones who are currently here. However, the secondary problem here, as Bush recognized and stated is that, “…it is neither wise, nor realistic to round up millions of people, many with deep roots in the United States, and send them across the border”. Admittedly, amnesty seems to manifest several problems, mainly with continued unlawful immigration, however; it does not make sense to send millions of integrated immigrants out of the country. Instead, a partial amnesty could be granted, which would be fairer to lawful immigrants, but also give illegal immigrants a chance to lawfully obtain citizenship and continue living in the United States.
To become a citizen, the immigrants have to apply for application costing 680 for the application for citizenship, 595 for the application, and 85 for the finger printing fee. Furthermore be a
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