Should Illegal Immigrants Have Access To Public Education?

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Should illegal immigrants have access to public education? There is a great debate on whether illegal immigrants should have access to public education. This issue is one that stretches nationwide. Policies and procedures also differ from school district to district, however, it is not always compliant with the law. This is sometimes due in part to the school districts’ bureaucracies. It is unfortunate that the promise of equal access to education is one that is sometimes, more often than not, denied to many immigrant children. Often times illegal immigrant children in states, that have laws that grant everyone under 21 years of age the right to public education, are often encountering barriers in enrolling and entering their local schools. Not allowing illegal immigrants to have access to public education is a form of discrimination. Illegal immigrants who have access to public education serves to be beneficial in the long run in that it will assist the economy, are able to offer a richer culture and a more biodiversity. According to the US Department of Education, Federal and State law mandates that local educational programs should be provide all children with equal access to public education at the elementary and secondary level. The fact that some school districts deny access to these individuals shows a great amount of discrimination on their part. Every year, thousands of unaccompanied minors arrive to the US. They are settled with their extended
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