Should Immigrants Be Allowed An Education And Jobs

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1. The government shouldn’t close the borders but better secure them.
If the government shuts down all the borders, and people want to get away from danger there would be no where to go and there would be more deaths in certain places caused by closed borders.

2. The government should do a better job at doing a full on background checks.
Some kids and adults that go to different counties are innocent and the government assumes that they are dangerous, so they refuse to let them in.( "Central American Children Heading to U.S. to Escape Danger.")
Instead of not letting kids, and any other people into the country under assumption they should do a whole background check and if the person has a clean record they should be aloud to come in, because they haven't done anything. Therefore, they aren't dangerous. ( "Central American Children Heading to U.S. to Escape Danger.")
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Immigrants should be allowed an education and jobs
At age 14, Benito Vasquez crossed the border and came to the United States. He has never gone to school and couldn’t read or write. ("Some Young Immigrants Face Education Hurdle to Stay in U.S.")

4. immigrants who have been in the US for a certain amount of time should be given an opportunity at citizenship(after background check)
Hillary Clinton says that she will protect immigrants that are getting deported. ("Supreme Court Announces It Will Rule on Controversial Immigration Case.")
There is something called the “Deferred Action” that grants work permits to people who came to the US as children and it also saves them from getting deported for 2 years ("Some Young Immigrants Face Education Hurdle to Stay in U.S.")

5. Not all immigrants are bad or enemies
Donald Trump wants to send all illegal immigrants back to where they came from because he claims that all of them are dangerous but some of them are actually looking to start a new life.( "Candidate Dismisses Criticism of His Plan to Keep Muslims out of
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