Should Immigration Be Illegal Immigrants?

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An immigrant is a person who had made the choice to permanently move to another country for living or work purposes. People have been moving from place to place as long as the human race has existed. The assimilation is much easier for legal immigrants, those who have entered lawfully, as opposed to illegal immigrants. Illegal immigrants have a much harder time assimilating; mainly because they cannot access all the services that the country’s government has to offer without risking deportation. There are many reasons why people immigrate to a new country and some of those reasons are: love, work, the chance for a better life, better financial opportunities, their safety, or maybe because of a war going on in their home country. Though in most circumstances of immigration, more developed countries have far better assimilation processes that make the experience easier to adjust to.
Education is one of the best ways to help immigrants to assimilate to their new country; in way that the faster they can learn the ways of the new country, the faster they can become a part of it. An immigrant’s children, if they even have any, need to be able to speak and read in English in order to attend classes and learn the material, as well as making friends. According to the Robert Wood Foundation, most immigrants would say that their lacks of English related skills are a major barrier to improving their life or social standards. Most school systems have what they call ESL classes, English
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