Should Immigration Be Limited? Essay

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Immigration: limited or unlimited?
On the subject of immigration, one student at J.E.B. Stuart High School in Falls Church, Virginia commented, “we make America more interesting” (Swerdlow 61). As true as these words are, the question of how much more interest should be allowed to cross our borders each year, and what exactly defines an American these days puzzle the already 281 million residents who find comfort in the freedoms of America. America is a land of immigrants, also referred to as the “melting pot of the world.” However, the possibility that America’s kettle is over-flowing concerns its citizens and some politicians.
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The fact still remains--- America’s population is growing rapidly each day, whether or not there is room, schools, or work for more immigrants.
Immigrants who have lived in America, legally, for years have views separate from politicians whom many have lived here all their lives. The incentive for many immigrants to flock to America is for the opportunities it will offer their children. They come looking for their own piece of life, liberty, pursuit of happiness, freedom, and to escape from lives of poverty and war. In the 2000 census, ten percent of Americans were born in other countries and in 1990, 32 million US residents spoke a language other than English at home, a number that has undoubtedly risen in the past 11 years (Swerdlow 46-47).
Although America has become the land of immigrants, tolerance is not always upheld in the school scene, where teenage students are more concerned about gossip and the latest styles of hair and clothes to recognize the greater need for an open-minded society. Many immigrant students come to America and assimilate very nicely to the ways of life, mainly because they have learned to speak English. About one fifth of high school immigrant students are not even literate in their native language, making the task of learning

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