Should Incarceration Serve as Rehabilitation or Retribution Essay

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Should Incarceration Serve as Rehabilitation or Retribution Should Incarceration Serve as Rehabilitation or Retribution 1 Introduction Incarceration refers to the state of being confined in a prison. It may also mean detention, custody or captivity. This is usually as a result of a crime committed, and serves the offender as a form of punishment. It is meant to deter others from committing crimes, and to rehabilitate criminals. Rehabilitation on the other hand, refers to the process of restoring someone to a useful place in the society. People are not treated completely as criminals, but are engaged in useful activities so that they can be of…show more content…
Houses of correction were originally a section of the machinery of the Poor Law. The main intention of the poor law was to instill habits of industry through prison labor. Most of those the people held up in correctional facilities at the time were petty offenders. These included vagrants and local people who were disorderly. By the end of the seventeenth century, they were absorbed into the prison system, which was under the control of the local Justices of the Peace. Rehabilitative strategies came to the fore in many Western penal systems in the 1960s. They remain prominent in sentencing policies in many European countries. Although today community-based sanctions would be seen as the clearest rehabilitative type of sentence, the idea of the prison itself has a beneficial reforming effect has had a longer history. Modern-style imprisonment only became commonplace in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century. This replaced corporal and capital punishment regimes and deportation. The main principle on which prisons were established was that of enforced isolation, causing the offender to contemplate his or her sins and need for redemption. Throughout the nineteenth century the rhetoric of reformation persisted even within the harshest penal regimes. The reformative model then became reinvented in the twentieth century in terms of behavioral science, and reached its high point in the 'medical' or 'treatment' model widely accepted in US

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