Should It Be Important For Policymakers And Specialists

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Should it be important for policymakers and specialists to think about the academic investigation of International Relations? The individuals that conduct foreign arrangements regularly disregard academic scholars. However, there is an inevitable connection between the conceptual universe of hypothesis and the present policymaking because in our current reality all nations are in a manner interdependent, and this is where the importance of the study of International Relations comes. The connections between global forces are turning out to be more pertinent to Americans, as issues concerning them become more intricate of forces abroad. Understanding universal relations is critical to a world where thousands of atomic weapons exist and more nations are attempting to obtain them, where a large number of people die every day from neediness brought about by the manner in which the international system works, and where suicide terrorist assaults like the ones of September 11, 2001, come all of a sudden. (REF Singer J. David; The Level-of-Analysis Problem in International Relations Pg. 77) It has a common belief that the cause of the 9/11 assaults was an identity conflict between the Western powers and the non-democratic governments in the Middle East. According to The Washington Post columnist Jim Hoagland who wrote about the attacks a year after they happened, “The removal of Saddam Hussein [then Iraq’s leader] and Yasser Arafat [then leader of the Palestinian
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