Should Kids At Middle School Students Wear Uniform?

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Should Kids in Middle School Students Wear Uniform? In the best interest for students, I strongly believe that our children in Middle school should wear uniforms. Uniforms are an easy way to distinguish who your children are. Parents spend more money on school clothes for their kids to look nice each year. It is not easy being a parent of a child that worries so much about what people think of them. There would be no possible way for kids to get bullied by what they are wearing because everyone looks the same. Also, the staff will be able to have more respect from students and not allow them to sag their pants or wear baggy clothes. There are many reasons for schools to force uniforms for the young kids in middle school, such as self-discipline, less distractions in class and school spirit. In other words, self-discipline is the suppression of base desires and self-control. Discipline allows the teachers to stick to their decision and put their foot down. The words that come out of their mouth become bolder and much stronger. When young kids are discipline they listen to what their peers and significant others are saying to them. Each child will feel as if the rules apply to them. There will be no rebellious kids in the middle school environment with a negative impact. Also, it allows them to be aware of what needs to be focused on. The possession of this skill allows the students to have high self-esteem and succeed no matter how hard a situation is for them. Students
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