Should Kids Be Able To Look At T. V. Alot How They Do?

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i feel like kids should not be able to look at t.v alot how they do. Kids should be more active outside playing at parks with friends doing sports or studying and doing schoolwork.
Alot of kids get lazy and feel like they dont have to do nothing when there parents lets them just sit in front of a television all day or playing video games and eating alot of junk food. In my passage what i support my claim it say too much t.v leads to weakness in the child they fall behind in school get low test scores and grades and i agree with it. back in the days young kids didnt look at much t.v like the ones in this generation they always had to do something not just sit around and do what they wanted to do.Its a differents if the parents look at t.v with them because its like cartoon and some kids stuff it reduce fear and increase leaning skills.
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Take them to the park more let them meet new friends play tell them do there school work dont let nobody interfere with there goals in life build trust let them belone and moments to let them know how to be independant. But at some point they will look at t.v and i will tell them nothing that willl have them scared or having nightmares.

I disagree with the othe passage because its claim children should be able to look at t.v for alleast 7 hours a day. Thats why most kids be sleepy or dont want to go to school or there grades fall behind its weaking them making them dont want them to do nothing.and also play is also
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