Should Kids Be Allowed? The World Of Facebook?

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As a young fourteen year old opens up her laptop she logs on to the well known social media site we all know, Facebook. As the child scrolls down her news feed filled with bullying, adult content, and drugs she suddenly gets a new message from a handsome fellow named john. The naive girl has no idea that "John" is actually a 54 year old pedophile lurking through the web for his next young victim. In this day and age social media consumes people’s lives. Many argue what age should kids be allowed to enter the world of Facebook. Although letting young teens on social media familiarizes them with the internet, the required age to be on Facebook should be sixteen because kids are immature and are more susceptible to predators when online.
Children are not developed enough to handle the immediacy of social media. Young teens believe they can get away with bullying others online because of the “privacy” social media provides. Preteens don’t understand that once something is published online it never can be erased or deleted. Soon schoolyard taunts and squabbles turn into much bigger harassment cases without the protection of teachers and parents. Everything that is posted to social media is seen by thousands of eyes in a matter of minutes, this being so most adults try to watch what they say and do on Facebook, kids on the other hand do not. Posting risque images of themselves or others is common on social media for preteens because they don’t think the photo can be traced back

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