Should Kids Get Paid For Doing Chores?

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Kids these days all they want is money, but they aren’t gonna get it from doing chores. For example a girl wants ten dollars to do a single chore and extra to do more. Kids should not get paid for doing chores that the adults can do by themselves. In my opinion I am against parents paying their children for a chore. Why waste your money. For instance doing chores isn’t a paying job or we would be filthy rich. For instance you pick up a sock in the living room and you want to get paid. Also kids could get a fork out of the drawer and they expect to get money from that. If you pay them for every chore you would go bankrupt. Also it would make the kids get greedy. For instance chores teach responsibility. It makes the children work harder. Then they want a reward. You can reward them sometimes, but not all the time. This shows that even though kids beg for a reward, you have to put your foot down.…show more content…
When they don’t get rewarded for doing ten chores they would be sad and never do a chore again. Some kids are forced to do chores. Others say I will do it in five minutes. I sorta connect with the other side. I don’t agree with giving kids money for one small chore. That is why I wrote this essay to remind parents that their kids want their money. That is why you need to make your kids do chores and then maybe rewarding them. Kids can sometimes get rewards for the chores they do. The reason why I wrote this essay is to inform what kids are trying to
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