Should Laptops Be Allowed In The Classroom

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The Tools They Use: Should Laptops Be Allowed In the Classroom? In today’s classrooms, laptops are becoming more and more prevalent. Their use has been fervently debated, with some teachers in support of allowing students unrestricted access to their laptops and some in support of banning them completely. With restrictions for classes such as mathematics or science, laptops should be allowed in other classroom settings because they allow students to take thorough notes and to jot down more of the lecture. Several arguments are presented by those in favor of banning laptops in the classroom, and many of them are echoed. In a New Yorker article by Dan Rockmore, “The Case for Banning Laptops In the Classroom,” Rockmore claims that students who take long-hand notes instead of taking notes on their laptops retain the information better and are less distracted than those with unfettered internet access (Rockmore para. 7). He states that taking long-hand notes helps students integrate the information and creates deeper modes of recall (Rockmore para. 7). Rockmore cites studies from universities like Cornell and Princeton to support his assertions (Rockmore para. 5, 7). Aside from shallow note-retention, he implies that laptops can be distracting to students because they are portals for socialization and entertainment (Rockmore para. 9). National Public Radio’s James Doubek shares similar arguments. In his article, “Attention Students: Put Your Laptops Away,” he brings up the
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