Should Large Farms Be A Limit Of Factory Farming?

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Do you know what happens in factory farming? It is cruel and disgusting and no animal should have to go through what they do to them. Factory farms do have a limit on them for a large farm it is ten thousand pigs. Some people think that the limit should be lowered on all factory farms so the pigs have room to move around. I will be talking about what the limits are for factory farms and how crowded it is in them so, there should be a limit. One problem is wrong to have too many pigs in one place. The reason is because they can trample each other. “A swine” (a pig) “over 55 pounds” in a large farm is “2500 or more.” is wrong because animals need space to walk around. So think…show more content…
People think the limit should go down a bit. On the website . says the limit is “10,000 swine less than 55 pounds” is the limit. That is still a lot of pigs though and some of them die before going to the slaughter house. So, the limit should go down not just for the large farms but every farm. Another problem with too many pigs is that there is more than people in some states.The problem with that is that diseases can spread more easily, so you have more sick people who can get other people sick. On the website, says that “People may have little to no immune protection against the viruses circulating in pigs.” So if you want to get sick get a lot of pigs and put them all together. Other people think that there should not think the limit should stay the same. I know they make more money but what about all the poop those pigs make. The poop is overwhelming for people who live by the farms or even people who don’t live by them. According to the website, says “Cryptosporidiosis is a diarrheal disease caused by microscopic parasites” and the poop from some pigs have it. So the poop causes
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