Should Life Be Prolonged?

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Firstly, there has been much controversy about the right to prolong somebody’s life. This is the goal of a life support machine after all. There are many religious organizations that believe that anything should be done to preserve a life. The Buddhist religion has great respect for life, and they believe that it is not morally correct to let a person die if it can be prevented. On the other hand, they believe that it is not necessary to do any excessive treatment to a human being that could cause suffering or is unlikely to help. Therefore, they feel that it is not correct to just abandon a life, but instead, to continue to give the person basic needs and care. The intent of ending a life is forbidden in the Buddhist religion. One should only stop when it does not seem possible to save that life. Buddhists usually try to accept death with dignity. Damien Keown, a professor of Buddhist ethics says, “The bottom line is that so long as there is no intention to take life, no moral problem arises”

In addition, Catholics believe that keeping a relationship with God is why one must continue to make use of the time they are given and not shorten it. They believe that life is holy and only God should be able to decide when one’s life should end. It is considered a sin to end a life prematurely as it is putting oneself above God. The Bible states, “No man has power over the wind to contain it; so no one has power over the day of his death” (Ecclesiastes 8:8a).
However, it is
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