Should Mandatory Overtime Be Treated?

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Problem identification “Mandatory overtime in nursing is not comparable with mandatory overtime in other fields because the consequences of being overly fatigued for nurse may literally have life-and-death consequences” (Huston, C., 2014). Unfortunately, mandatory overtime appears to be practicing more frequently in nursing which becomes an ethical dilemma that is grasped by nurses as a violation of their human rights. Furthermore, nurses are also resentful that they bear the personal, professional, and legal burden on the critical issue that is negatively affecting health care professionals, patients, and system in general. The majority of times compulsory overtime used as a cost saving measure to control chronic nursing shortage in…show more content…
Fortunately, the states are recognizing the profound consequences of the issue and implementing regulations at the state levels. As a result in 2011, sixteen states implemented restrictions on use of mandatory overtime for nurses (ANA, 2011). Today’s reality is that mandatory overtime remains contemporary nursing practice and one of the leading solutions to nursing shortage. Background The relationship between shift hours and worker’s accomplishments is complex and influenced by several factors. In case with nurses, job characteristics such as patient acuity, time of the shift, shift length, rest break and pattern of days off are playing crucial factors on well-being and job performance. Moreover, working extra hours disable adequate social interactions and leisure pursuit for nurses. “Researchers theorizing that shift work exerts adverse effects by disturbing circadian rhythms, sleep, and family and social life” (Hughes, R., 2008). Lack of adequate rest and increased fatigue leading to physiological responses associated with stress, burnouts, and are creates difficulties in balancing the conflicting demands of work and family for nurses. “Furthermore, shift workers in continuously operating organizations such as hospitals are regularly require to work weekends and holidays, when much social and family interaction occurs” (Hughes, R., 2008). Consequently, forced
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