Should Mandatory School Uniforms Be Beneficial?

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Growing up in the public school system, I was allowed to wear whatever I wanted to school from kindergarten till I graduated from high school and that is the way I believe it should be for all schools, public or private. There are arguments that can persuade you to believe that requiring school uniforms is more beneficial to students; however, there are stronger arguments convincing school uniforms not having a beneficial advantage over no school uniforms. It should not matter what a student wears to school, as long as the teacher is teaching and the student is learning; therefore, students should not be required to wear uniforms to school. School uniforms are stimulating commercial interests, as "Americans shell out a whooping $1 billion dollars a year" on uniforms (Listland par 6). No wonder businesses are promoting school uniforms because they are the ones profiting from them. Listland says, "Institutions such as Lands ' End are funding marketing efforts specifically targeted towards public schools" (Listland par 7). This is their way of getting schools to be on their side and switching to school uniforms. Big institutions are persuading schools, especially public schools, that school uniforms are beneficial to the students, when really they are just concerned with the outcome of their business. Ultimately, school uniforms are pushed by commercial interest rather than educational interest. The chief marketing officer of JC Penney 's, Mike Boylson stresses that school
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