Should Marijuana Be A Turning Point For Society? Essay

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According to the DEA’s acting administrator, Paul Rosenberg, approximately 120 people die each day in the United States of a drug overdose. Lives are being recklessly spent because of the strict drug enforcement laws and social stigma surrounding addiction and addition-related crime. Law enforcement is losing the battle because every time they take down one king pin, another pops up. Addicts are quickly losing the war of addiction because they feel the need to isolate, going anywhere near a hospital during an overdose can result in jail time, and there is no guarantee that their next hit won’t be their last. The only efforts that have been put into place is locking people up or sending them away to rehabilitation centers. Government officials, addicts, and “normal” people who turn against drugs and addiction may not realize that legalizing heroin could be a turning point for society. It is truly an important matter because we are letting our community die, perpetuating drug-related illnesses, and destroying lives through death or an unjust legal system made up of for-profit prisons and jail time for addiction. America should remove heroin from the schedule I drug classification and move towards decriminalization. America is losing the war on drugs. Each time they take down another drug dealer, another pops up overnight. There will, of course, always be the addict. The President of the Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University has some information

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