Should Marijuana Be Banned?

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Cannabis has been used for over 12,000 years for many purposes such as food, clothing, and to treat disease and relieve symptoms. The ancient Greek historian Herodotus had one of the earliest descriptions, writing of the Scythians inhaling vapors of hemp seeds, rendering them to a transported state (Herodotus and Rawlinson, G.). Cannabis is also the plant known as marijuana and has been illegal since the 1930s. “Before World War II, marijuana was listed as a medicine in the nation’s Pharmacopeia (Noonan, D.).” “Medical marijuana refers to treating a disease or symptom with the whole, unprocessed marijuana plant or its basic extracts (“Is Marijuana Medicine?”).” Since 1970 it has been classified as a serious drug without medical benefits. However, there are different forms of marijuana that shows promise as a useful drug. Research has shown that some forms of the plant have relieved pain and nausea for cancer patients and HIV and AIDS sufferers. More recently, treatment properties of medical marijuana are getting attention for treating seizures and cancer tumors. But the reputation of marijuana as an illicit drug and its status under the law make it controversial and difficult for doctors to prescribe.
Proponents of medical marijuana state that the drug should be reclassified and decriminalized due to the benefits noted (“Medical Marijuana”). Opponents of medical marijuana hold that it is an addictive drug with risks that outweigh any benefit. They…
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