Should Marijuana Be Banned?

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“Saying goodbye to the college high?”
Is the feeling of the cannabis high worth the academic and social side effects? This has been a question asked around many campuses across the state of Colorado. Ever since marijuana became legal in Colorado, it has become a hot topic on whether or not a college should allow their students to participate in the intake of cannabis products. College students and Universities as a whole are hindered by the availability and side effects of marijuana.
Marijuana is “the common American term for the plant Cannabis Sativa” (Caulking, Kilmer, Kleiman). Marijuana has been the foremost leader in illegal substances used worldwide. It has been recorded that 133 million Americans have used marijuana in the in the past year. Notably outnumbering all other illicit substances combined. However, only 7 million of the 133 million use marijuana on a regular basis. In juveniles, 45 percent have admitted to trying marijuana at least once and 6 percent use marijuana daily. Furthermore, out of the 133 million users nationwide, only about 3 million have their medical marijuana license.
There are many ways to consume this plant including inhalation of smoke or vapor given off by the cannabis plant. Likewise, many people also consume this plant by ingesting edibles and beverages including brownies, cookies and teas. With this in mind, if a college student decides to participate in the intake of the cannabis plant he or she will be affected by a “high”. This…
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