Should Marijuana Be Beneficial?

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Do you believe marijuana can be beneficial if it was legalized? I do. Marijuana is a very controversial and prominent issue in the society and government today. Even though many claims say marijuana is bad which that has come up in recent and previous history, but the facts are being shown more and more each day. Some states have legalized marijuana for medicinal purposes only, but I wonder why it’s not legal in all states. The debate has been going on for years and, now nonstop since the existence, marijuana and its effect on the people of America. Marijuana has been tested and proven to provide a beneficial impact on American society for many reasons. The reasons could tremendously help America succeed in the future and should be legalized in the United States. Unfortunately, the truth is under heavy criticism because of stereotypical views on how people view the drug as the typical “dope head” and “pot smoker” drug for a quick high. The study shows for many years’ people with the lack of sleep and systemic lupus who drinks the juice of raw marijuana leaves and buds, increases their condition significantly because of the rich protein and fatty acids with helping with health problems. The first six months in Colorado in 2014 more than $25 million dollars pot-related tax revenue, and the state expects the value to triple in the middle of 2015. The entire nation could benefit with better education, healthcare improvements, develop the justice system, help the poor, pay off…
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